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So, I have this ex boyfriend who doesn’t live here. We’ve been trying to do the “friend” thing, yet haven’t been in contact much since my present relationship situation manifested.

Now the question I ask myself is whether or not our friendship has suffered because I just don’t have time for it in my relationship situation, or if distance on my part is simply because I was always leaving myself open to being with him, and now that I have someone else, I don’t need him? Or his distance from me is for that very reason? I don’t know. the other thing is that why is it if we’re so effing healthy, he knows about my current relationship, but I don’t talk about it with him. I tell myself that it is because I feel akward, but then sometimes I wonder if part of me doesn’t want to close him off and the prospect of him off completely?


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So I was reading my blog.  Guess what? I got bored.

I was trying to stay on a theme or something.  That didn’t work too well.

I think I’ll try a different route. This blog is going to be about whatever strikes my fancy.

So, what’s new with me?

Hmm, not much. One of my exes is getting married. Am I anywhere near getting married? Nope.

My first thought was wondering if I was going to be all sad and distraught over his getting married.  Yeah, I’m not. I’m oddly at peace with it.  Maybe its because I knew I didn’t want to marry him, ever?  I’m guessing that’s the reason, but it’s still weird.

So, since I have this weird uber-healthyness thing that happens with exes, am I going to be invited to this wedding?

If I’m invited, I guess I have to send a present.  Right now my money is on Target gift card, but here’s to hoping I’m not invited, and then I don’t have to go shopping.

Let’s hope it’s a small intimate wedding!

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