Comb Stealer

I had this big black comb that went missing about a month and a half ago. I used it everyday and suddenly it disappeared.  Now, I’m not the type of person who always keeps things in their places so I figured I just walked off with it one day and left it somewhere in my house.

I scoured the house.   No comb.

My friend came to stay with me this weekend and she happened to have a big black comb with her identical to the one that I’ve been missing!  I KNOW THIS IS MY COMB. I started thinking, and I haven’t seen this comb since the weekend she stayed with me last.

I told her, “Hey I had a comb like that… I haven’t seen it since December.”  She said, “That’s weird.”  I don’t think she intentionally stole my comb, but I hid my jewelry anyway.


My mortgage lender called, offering me an opportunity to take advantage of the newly-lowered interest rates.  What did I do? I CALLED THEM BACK!  Wow. I’m returning the calls of telemarketers now.  What’s next? I guess I’m going to send some money to Nigeria next or take advantage of the next e-mail that says I won a foreign lottery.

Dear Marrieds with Children,

Why do you insist on putting your kids on your Christmas cards? I get a guilt trip every time I try to throw it away.  But, I don’t want your big sparkly snowflake in my photo album either.  I DON’T WANT TO THROW YOUR BABIES AWAY!  (But I don’t want pictures of them all Christmas-card sized either.)  I am not their granny or their auntie.  I do not need to have seasonal photos, maybe just one reasonable one a year.

Please, next year, send me a normal card with a smallish photo.  Or, you could just send a card and invite me over for dinner and I can then check out the kid in person for myself.


So I was reading my blog.  Guess what? I got bored.

I was trying to stay on a theme or something.  That didn’t work too well.

I think I’ll try a different route. This blog is going to be about whatever strikes my fancy.

So, what’s new with me?

Hmm, not much. One of my exes is getting married. Am I anywhere near getting married? Nope.

My first thought was wondering if I was going to be all sad and distraught over his getting married.  Yeah, I’m not. I’m oddly at peace with it.  Maybe its because I knew I didn’t want to marry him, ever?  I’m guessing that’s the reason, but it’s still weird.

So, since I have this weird uber-healthyness thing that happens with exes, am I going to be invited to this wedding?

If I’m invited, I guess I have to send a present.  Right now my money is on Target gift card, but here’s to hoping I’m not invited, and then I don’t have to go shopping.

Let’s hope it’s a small intimate wedding!

So, when I gripe about local establishments on the westside, I seem to forget the ones that have been around awhile. Somehow, they’re so ingrained in my subconscious that I forget they are the kind of establishment I am constantly looking for.

I’ve always enjoyed Deli Mart.  East coasters tell me it’s the place for an “authentic” deli experience, and even if I don’t know the difference, I know its darn good.  My favorite is the turkey sandwich.  Maybe not such an adventurous choice, but certainly a delicious one. While you’re there, check out their imported cheeses and great products from around the world, I’m sure there’s just about something for everyone.


On Friday night, I crossed the river to the westside. And I stayed there. I had a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Saw a movie at Cottonwood. I am so pumped to not have to cross the river. Usually I cross by now.

So this will be the oddest review ever.

The combined KFC- Taco Bell on Paradise near Universe is good. Yes, KFC is good again. I think it has something to do with the large amounts of customers- a drive-thru trip is a minimum of five minutes. Somehow, that keeps the chicken fresh. Weird eh? I stopped going near any KFC in any town years ago, yet I keep finding myself there- although those bowls where everything is thrown in still scare me. I’ll stick to my traditional three piece and biscuit meal.

I am really disturbed that I just blogged about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Blue Line

Haven’t had a chance to ride the fancy schmancy new bus that goes from the Westside to UNM. It seems like a route worth checking out, but somehow in the mornings when I’m running late, I can’t seem to make it to the bus stop at the right time in order to catch the bus that will get me to Central at a decent time. Bollocks.