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So, when I gripe about local establishments on the westside, I seem to forget the ones that have been around awhile. Somehow, they’re so ingrained in my subconscious that I forget they are the kind of establishment I am constantly looking for.

I’ve always enjoyed Deli Mart.  East coasters tell me it’s the place for an “authentic” deli experience, and even if I don’t know the difference, I know its darn good.  My favorite is the turkey sandwich.  Maybe not such an adventurous choice, but certainly a delicious one. While you’re there, check out their imported cheeses and great products from around the world, I’m sure there’s just about something for everyone.


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The Blue Line

Haven’t had a chance to ride the fancy schmancy new bus that goes from the Westside to UNM. It seems like a route worth checking out, but somehow in the mornings when I’m running late, I can’t seem to make it to the bus stop at the right time in order to catch the bus that will get me to Central at a decent time. Bollocks.

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