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So, I have this ex boyfriend who doesn’t live here. We’ve been trying to do the “friend” thing, yet haven’t been in contact much since my present relationship situation manifested.

Now the question I ask myself is whether or not our friendship has suffered because I just don’t have time for it in my relationship situation, or if distance on my part is simply because I was always leaving myself open to being with him, and now that I have someone else, I don’t need him? Or his distance from me is for that very reason? I don’t know. the other thing is that why is it if we’re so effing healthy, he knows about my current relationship, but I don’t talk about it with him. I tell myself that it is because I feel akward, but then sometimes I wonder if part of me doesn’t want to close him off and the prospect of him off completely?


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So I was thinking, I miss the days of mix tapes, or even burned cds for friends and other significant others.  “Hey, I made you a playlist” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If I was making a mix tape today, I think I would include:

Where does the Good Go- Tegan and Sara

The song that was in the Target commercial by Alisha Keyes

4 Minutes by Madonna

Wait. I’m combining Tegan & Sara with a dance hit by Madonna? I don’t even know the name of one of my mix tape songs?

I have lost my Mix Tape talents.  You can’t have a schizophrenic mix like that. It needs to be smooth or hopping… not smooth and hopping. Plus, I couldn’t come up with enough songs. WTF? It used to be that sometimes I was so inspired that I had to make TWO tapes… and I couldn’t even come up with 4 songs right now.

Maybe my confusion lies in that its easier to make a mix tape FOR someone… “Hey Boyfriend, I made you this…” or “Hey! BFF! These songs are rockin'”

Back to my humble ipod… who has a cassette player anyway?

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Comb Stealer

I had this big black comb that went missing about a month and a half ago. I used it everyday and suddenly it disappeared.  Now, I’m not the type of person who always keeps things in their places so I figured I just walked off with it one day and left it somewhere in my house.

I scoured the house.   No comb.

My friend came to stay with me this weekend and she happened to have a big black comb with her identical to the one that I’ve been missing!  I KNOW THIS IS MY COMB. I started thinking, and I haven’t seen this comb since the weekend she stayed with me last.

I told her, “Hey I had a comb like that… I haven’t seen it since December.”  She said, “That’s weird.”  I don’t think she intentionally stole my comb, but I hid my jewelry anyway.

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Babies on Christmas Cards

Dear Marrieds with Children,

Why do you insist on putting your kids on your Christmas cards? I get a guilt trip every time I try to throw it away.  But, I don’t want your big sparkly snowflake in my photo album either.  I DON’T WANT TO THROW YOUR BABIES AWAY!  (But I don’t want pictures of them all Christmas-card sized either.)  I am not their granny or their auntie.  I do not need to have seasonal photos, maybe just one reasonable one a year.

Please, next year, send me a normal card with a smallish photo.  Or, you could just send a card and invite me over for dinner and I can then check out the kid in person for myself.

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