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On Friday night, I crossed the river to the westside. And I stayed there. I had a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Saw a movie at Cottonwood. I am so pumped to not have to cross the river. Usually I cross by now.

So this will be the oddest review ever.

The combined KFC- Taco Bell on Paradise near Universe is good. Yes, KFC is good again. I think it has something to do with the large amounts of customers- a drive-thru trip is a minimum of five minutes. Somehow, that keeps the chicken fresh. Weird eh? I stopped going near any KFC in any town years ago, yet I keep finding myself there- although those bowls where everything is thrown in still scare me. I’ll stick to my traditional three piece and biscuit meal.

I am really disturbed that I just blogged about Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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The Blue Line

Haven’t had a chance to ride the fancy schmancy new bus that goes from the Westside to UNM. It seems like a route worth checking out, but somehow in the mornings when I’m running late, I can’t seem to make it to the bus stop at the right time in order to catch the bus that will get me to Central at a decent time. Bollocks.

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Paseo Extension

So, I don’t quite get it.  Why does the Paseo del Norte extenstion wind so much? I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t connect with Unser at first either.  I guess I need to pay more attention to local news.  I sorta feel like they did it, but they didn’t use our tax dollars very efficiently. I understand that the ground is sacred to some folks, but that doesn’t explain the single lane the road becomes.  Oh well.

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