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So I was thinking, I miss the days of mix tapes, or even burned cds for friends and other significant others.  “Hey, I made you a playlist” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If I was making a mix tape today, I think I would include:

Where does the Good Go- Tegan and Sara

The song that was in the Target commercial by Alisha Keyes

4 Minutes by Madonna

Wait. I’m combining Tegan & Sara with a dance hit by Madonna? I don’t even know the name of one of my mix tape songs?

I have lost my Mix Tape talents.  You can’t have a schizophrenic mix like that. It needs to be smooth or hopping… not smooth and hopping. Plus, I couldn’t come up with enough songs. WTF? It used to be that sometimes I was so inspired that I had to make TWO tapes… and I couldn’t even come up with 4 songs right now.

Maybe my confusion lies in that its easier to make a mix tape FOR someone… “Hey Boyfriend, I made you this…” or “Hey! BFF! These songs are rockin'”

Back to my humble ipod… who has a cassette player anyway?


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I am not evil

My last two posts make me look like I’m someone who can’t get along with anyone. I’m complaining about comb stealing friends and frenemies.  I am not some crazy hermit lady who hates everyone… maybe in twenty years or so, but not now.

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Decisions, Decisions

I just found out that a frenemy of mine is a regular at one of my regular breakfast spots, right here in good ol’ Albuquerque. Now, I need to decide if I risk returning and seeing this person-perhaps on a regular basis or do I avoid this establishment altogether?

Running into frenemy was quite awkward and uncomfortable recently and I know I don’t want to repeat it, however, I really like their French Toast.

What’s a girl to do?

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