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So I was reading my blog.  Guess what? I got bored.

I was trying to stay on a theme or something.  That didn’t work too well.

I think I’ll try a different route. This blog is going to be about whatever strikes my fancy.

So, what’s new with me?

Hmm, not much. One of my exes is getting married. Am I anywhere near getting married? Nope.

My first thought was wondering if I was going to be all sad and distraught over his getting married.  Yeah, I’m not. I’m oddly at peace with it.  Maybe its because I knew I didn’t want to marry him, ever?  I’m guessing that’s the reason, but it’s still weird.

So, since I have this weird uber-healthyness thing that happens with exes, am I going to be invited to this wedding?

If I’m invited, I guess I have to send a present.  Right now my money is on Target gift card, but here’s to hoping I’m not invited, and then I don’t have to go shopping.

Let’s hope it’s a small intimate wedding!


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