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Let me just say, I have always loved Jiffy Lube signs. My favorite Jiffy Lube signs in Albuquerque are the ones on Coors near Irving. Once, I drove by and the sign read, “Our pumps, our pumps, our lovely oil pumps.”

Today I was reading Pink is the New Blog and saw an Albuquerque Jiffy Lube representin’!

Check it out:

Oh and Duke City Fueling on Coors between Sequoia and St. Joseph’s has gas for $2.98 a gallon. Hip hip hooray!


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Paseo Extension

So, I don’t quite get it.  Why does the Paseo del Norte extenstion wind so much? I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t connect with Unser at first either.  I guess I need to pay more attention to local news.  I sorta feel like they did it, but they didn’t use our tax dollars very efficiently. I understand that the ground is sacred to some folks, but that doesn’t explain the single lane the road becomes.  Oh well.

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Let’s give this a shot

So, I live in Albuquerque. This blog will be about me and about Albuquerque. I don’t do well with blog themes, so I’m just going to write what I feel like when I feel like writing it.

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